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SoFlo Home Realty came to life after the owner, George Lucas, realized how much he could contribute to those who were in need of selling their homes for market value fast, for a low cost.
George Lucas has over 3 decades of experience in selling and buying his own investment properties, now he wants to continue his legacy and spread his knowledge by helping the public.

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About SOFLO Home Realty

Buying or selling a home is normally one of the most seminal decisions in modern life for those who are in position to do so. However, in the year 2020, those decisions have become far more stressful for homebuyers in today’s market, carefully considering the circumstances, and somewhat reasonably nervous about moving forward with such a choice. All of which can be a daunting task to overtake for single individual or family during these strenuous times. That’s where we come in…
Here at SOFLO HOME REALTY we’re prepared and ready to answer any and all questions you may have regarding selling or buying a home. How hard is it to secure financing right now? How long does it typically take to sell in this area? How do you show homes with current conditions? All questions that our licensed realtors are more than happy to answer at any time.
The right answers to these questions and more can sometimes be the difference between a stressful home buying experience and a joyous one. Feel free to contact one of our SOFLO HOME REALTY Agents for any real estate advice and to help get those questions answered today, so we can get you into your dream home tomorrow. Loyalty is a gift given by us, expected from you.